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Since 2005, Hands of Life Martial Arts has been providing Karate and the martial arts instruction in the Cranford, Garwood, and Westfield NJ area.

The Hands of Life Martial Arts karate program is a fun and exciting way for children and adults of all ages to learn karate. The physical side of karate develops reaction time, reflexes, hand-eye coordination, agility, stress relief, strength and flexibility.

More importantly, we offer an actual character-building curriculum that puts an emphasis on character building life skills such as, focus, discipline, self-control, self-esteem, self-confidence, respect, teamwork, perseverance and honesty. These are what parents really seem to want from a martial arts program.

Karate if taught properly can help adults and children to perform better in sports, in the classroom, at home, at work and everyday life. Our motto is, making you better at life! That is our job to make you better at life by preparing you in as many ways as possible for anything life may throw at you. When a student comes to our Academy they will be given all of the tools they need to improve themselves as individuals both mentally and physically. A teachers job is to teach and guide their students. Whether in academics, martial arts or music, as teachers, we must find ways to make the students excited about their learning. We can help students to better themselves but the student has to be a willing participant. At our Academy the process of improvement is a joint effort between the student, the parents of the student, and our staff.

The Hands of Life Martial Arts Academy is a family friendly environment.

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