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What if your Child ACTUALLY WANTED to be more Fit, Confident and Disciplined?

Dear Parents,

Hi, my name is Arthur Hearns, owner of Hands of Life Martial Arts. I’ve been professionally teaching children just like yours for years, and we’ve spent countless hours focusing our Garwood Martial Arts Classes on things that parents just like you want for their children. For the past 10 years we have provided the Garwood, Cranford and Westfield area with things like Focus, Confidence, Discipline, and Character Building – Life Skills that Martial Arts students at Hands of Life Martial Arts use every day in their school classroom, at home, and everywhere they go.

We know for a fact that your child will WANT to learn these vital life Skills. Not because we MAKE them (as adults often do with children), but  because our professional instructors and super-high energy, engaging classes set your child up for success by using our Simple 3 Step Success System. It REALLY is that simple, and it REALLY is that effective.

Parents Say Within a Few Weeks they See:

  • Sustained Focus and Concentration

  • Improved Patience and Self Discipline

  • Increased Fitness and Stamina

  • Soaring Confidence and Self Esteem

Don't Take It From Me! Here's What Parents of our Students Say All the Time:

Happy to give some positive feedback! Thomas started karate at the age of 3...and we came to the decision to enroll Thomas in karate for 3 reasons: (1) He was having a hard time with his listening skills at home and we needed a way to harness his energy and give him tools for self-control so we weren't constantly yelling at him or criticizing him; (2) he was being picked on at school and didn't know the appropriate way to respond; and (3) he has a heart condition that restricts him from playing competitive team sports and we wanted him to have a physical activity that was challenging. He is now 5 and has been in the classes at Hands of Life for a little more than 2 years. We have seen a remarkable improvement! Although he is still an active 5 year old boy, he is able to control his emotions and actions so well. He is much better at expressing his frustrations and needs with his words, rather than acting out physically and seems to be more aware of how his actions have an impact on the people around him. He also is no longer being picked on at school...the karate classes gave him the confidence to use his voice to speak up for himself and to use his words instead of physically responding. He also has gained enough confidence that I have witnessed him stand up for others who have not found their voice...and as a mom that makes me incredibly proud of him! I don't know what you say to the kids during class, but he really enjoys coming to every class and adores all the instructors. He also has had the ability to feel a sense of personal achievement through the belt promotions he has earned, and is happy to have a "competitive" activity he can participate in that his cardiologist also allows. He has a very high level of respect for all of you at Hands of Life and when bad things happen, as they sometimes do, he often wonders how Sensei Jonathan, or Sensei Ming, or one of the other Sensei's would feel about it or respond to it. I am quite pleased with his progress both physically and mentally and hope to be at your facility for many years!

Thanks so much for all that you and the entire staff do for our children,

Jen Fecowycz, (Mom)

Hands of Life Martial Arts is phenomenal! This is where my son has studied martial arts since he was 5 years old. Sensei Arthur Hearns is more than amazing and was able to figure out what worked and didn't work for for my son who is diagnosed with Autism with no formal special education background; just acceptance and a overwhelming desire to work with kids. Arthur stuck with him even at times when my husband and I wanted to bail. One day (finally) it all started clicking and in July 2012, my son, who was 11 at the time, and 2 classmates flew to Kansas City and took their black belt tests (the school's first) that lasted 3 days in front a RyuTe RenMei council (aka bunch of older gentlemen with decades of martial arts experience). Today at 13 years old and 8 years later it is still the place where he is most comfortable and at ease with himself. Almost everyday I am thankful for that street fair we went and Arthur asking me to give Hands of Life and him a chance.

Lauren W.

That's Great - But How Do You Know It'll Work For YOUR Family?

Because We use a Tried-and-True, Simple 3 Step Success System:

Step #1: Self Discipline

The honest truth is that for many children, Self-Discipline isn’t innate;  it has to be learned. But how it’s learned (how adults choose to teach and enforce the it) decides whether it will be accepted by the child, and become an intrinsic part of who they are, or rejected as just another thing they’re “supposed to do” (like the dishes, eating their vegetables, homework, etc). We know that – we live it everyday. So we don’t force self-discipline on our students (remember, it’s SELF Discipline), but instead slowly build self discipline through fun class drills, group exercise dynamics, and engaging Kids Martial Arts curriculum – until before they know it, your kids will WANT to sit still, pay attention, and focus on the teacher…. and they’ll have a BLAST learning how to do it! Sounds crazy, but it WORKS!

Step #2: Self Defense

Of course, we’re talking about teaching your child martial arts moves that, should they ever need them, could be used for self defense. But chances are THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. But you know what will happen? Someone WILL call them a name. Say negative things about them, to them, behind their back, or to their friends. Someone will call them short, ugly, stupid, or worse…they’ll consider saying these things to someone else, so that they can “fit in”.

Let me be very clear – I can and will teach your child how to physically defend themselves. But far, FAR more important, our Martial Arts classes will teach them to emotionally defend themselves from the challenges they’ll face every day in elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and yes, you know it’s true, the workplace and in real life as an adultThis is the real legacy at our school: emotionally strong children who grow into confident, self assured adults. Which is why we focus so much on #3:

Step #3: Self Confidence

For some children, just trying something new takes tremendous courage, and we’re there to show them how to try new things (like Kids Martial Arts classes). Children like this show MASSIVE confidence increases in extremely short amounts of time. Before you know it, they’re standing proud and answering questions with ease (in the martial arts classroom as well as at school!).

For others, Confidence comes a little more naturally, and we’re able to expand their natural abilities and challenge them in a way no other extra-curricular activity can.

Seriously. You’re Going to LOVE it and Your Child Will THANK You For It!

Regardless of their initial level of confidence, they’ll get the benefit of the group dynamic – learning with their peers, following directions, interacting with others – but they’ll also get the advantages of an individual activity – they’ll never be compared to another student, never be held back if they learn too quickly, and will never, NEVER ride the bench or sit out just because they aren’t as good as the rest of the team (don’t even get me started on that one!)

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Your Child CAN Do It!

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